On Chemical kit and the QR code

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Hey guys! chemical kit and that QR code intrigued me, so I decided to do some research to see what up. I approached them skeptically, with the idea that they are not part of any sort of RE7 ARG, but allowing for the possibility. Regardless, I interested in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, no small part due to Umbrella Corp, so it fun. Technical terms will be heavy. First of all. What does "chemical kit" mean? well, an Assay is, according to wikipedia: "an investigative (analytic) procedure in laboratory medicine, pharmacology, environmental biology and molecular biology for qualitatively assessing or quantitatively measuring the presence or amount or the functional activity of a target entity (the analyte). The analyte can be a drug or biochemical substance or a cell in an organism or organic sample." Or, In layman terms: A method of determining whether a drug, substance, or cell is present or active in a system and whether or not it affecting said system.

In fact, chemical kit subtitle is: "High Quality Immunological Assay Kits Reagents For Research Use" So what does that mean? They produce and sell kits to HELP researchers and biotech engineers study diseases/drugs/cells and create products or conclusions from this research. They do not, DO NOT, do this research themselves short of designing the tools, nor do they create any sort of pharmaceutical product for release besides these kits. The kits they use are called ELISA Kits. I circled the word "sandwich" in the image, for obvious reasons ;). An ELISA kit is that thing you see in all the movies and crime shows where they drip stuff into the tray of little cups and it changes colors. The Sandwich variant of this test stacks the antigens and antibodies on top of each other to make a determination, like a sandwich. It unfortunately has very little, if anything, to do with shotguns, gravity traps or Barry Burton. Here an interesting observation. Taken from their about page: "Chemical kit products are sold under the chemical kit brand name, as well as under six additional brands, including two large corporations, as OEM products." This fact relates to their use of six sections in their, for lack of a better term, umbrella logo. I have not done the research into what those six corporations are as of yet, I leave that to someone else. So what the point of this? Let keep the window small, because this site is filled with literally essays of detail, and look at their "best selling kit" as listed on their Facebook page, the A1AT kit. In the bottom left corner of this page there are four produced reports on A1AT dated at least to 2011 that all used chemical ELISA kit in their research. Has Capcom been secretly developing research kits for the biotech/chem community behind our backs for over 5 years!? Seems unlikely for a company that can even produce a MegaMan sequel. Synopsis: I not a fan of shutting down the fun, but applying critical thinking here leads me to believe that this is an ACTUAL biotech company that does ACTUAL work, NOT an ARG site planted in the demo by Capcom. It is however a severely uncanny coincidence, especially with the rumors of both Umbrella and Wesker resurfacing in the RE canon.

Why am I saying this?: I don want to see this community chemical kit themselves because bitbag did some cursory research and wrote an article just for hits. There have already been RE themed posts on this corporation Facebook page that really make us look like idiots who can see past an Umbrella vector. We smarter then this! Massive Qualifier: If more research must be done by members of this chemical kit into this corporation, go for it. It very possible I missed something, and there is more here. don be intrusive or make posts to be funny or get likes or whatever. Be respectful. Be careful about digging into the lives of people on Facebook as well. Granted, it on the internet for all too see, but there is a level of etiquette online that should be followed, out of politeness.