Determination of chrysotoxine in rat plasma by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry

  Chrysotoxine (CTX), a by itself occurring bibenzyl admixture abandoned from Dendrobium species, has been appear to accept neuroprotective effects.
  To appraise its pharmacokinetics in rats, a rapid, acute and specific top achievement aqueous chromatography-tandem accumulation spectrometric (HPLC-MS/MS) adjustment has been developed and accurate for the altitude of Chrysotoxine in rat plasma. Samples were pretreated application a simple liquid-liquid abstraction with ethyl acetate and the chromatographic break was performed on a C18 cavalcade with acetonitrile-water (90:10, v/v) as the adaptable phase. Chrysotoxine and the centralized accepted (wogonin) were detected application a bike accumulation spectrometer in absolute assorted acknowledgment ecology mode.
  Adjustment validation appear accomplished breadth over the ambit 0.5-1000 ng/mL calm with satisfactory intra- and inter-day precision, accurateness and recovery. Stability testing showed that Chrysotoxine acicular into rat claret was abiding for 8 h at allowance temperature, for up to two weeks at -20 °C, and during three freeze-thaw cycles. Extracted samples were aswell empiric to be abiding over 24 h in an auto-sampler.
  The adjustment was auspiciously acclimated to investigate the pharmacokinetic contour of Chrysotoxine afterwards articulate (100 mg/kg) and intravenous (25 mg/kg) administering in rats. Chrysotoxine showed accelerated elimination and low bioavailability in rats.Copyright © 2014 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.